For the last couple of years, I have been pursuing “pickle bites” everywhere that I go - hear me out... 

Currently in New Orleans, it seems obvious that perfect bites of food come frequently.  From the world-renowned restaurants, unique cuisine, and the masterfully trained chefs, the quality of food here is top notch.  There’s a catch though...a perfect bite isn’t necessarily fancy; the flavor, texture, tunes, and company is what defines perfection.  Yes, a bubbling hot greasy piece of pepperoni pizza dipped in ranch counts just as much as freshly flambéed bananas foster from Brennan’s.

That is a pickle bite.  It is a sublime combination of everything: the food itself, who you are surrounded by, the music playing as you nosh, and the feeling of emotional and physical satiation that follows.  Born in the backseat of a car driving from Nashville to Paris, Tennessee on an annual family trip growing up, the pickle bite used to mean actually eating around the lone crinkle-cut pickle on a McDonald’s hamburger to save it for the last, perfect bite.  The pickle bite has since transcended it’s modest roots to become what it is today. I created @mareeats to capture these moments and to share them in hopes of inspiring future pickle bite adventures for my friends, family, and followers.

Follow @mareeats to join the quest.  Good bites await!